Amazing People - Belinda Bauman: The Power of Empathy – Hope 103.2

Amazing People – Belinda Bauman: The Power of Empathy

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 14 May 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

“I know how you feel…” “I understand, and am here for you…”

Brave Souls by Belinda Bauman AuthorThe big E word – empathy – is such an important concept and vital for meaningful and impactful relationships. However, as we are becoming more and more disconnected from one another, the true meaning of empathy can often get lost in translation.

Belinda Bauman, author of Brave Souls, discusses the audacious power of empathy in a world of increasing disconnect and isolation. With the rise of social media and an intense need to be constantly connected, humans are, ironically, losing the ability to empathise and form meaningful relationships with others. Sam and Duncan were able to speak to Belinda about the power of empathy to reconnect and, ultimately, save humanity.

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