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Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Romantic Date on a Budget

By Jari SmithMonday 12 Feb 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you’ve been waiting all year round or you completely forgot until just now, it’s time to prep! Here are a few cheap date night ideas so you and your Valentine can have a romantic night on a budget.

These ideas are great if you want to wrap things up in a few hours and get a good night’s sleep, too.

PS. Don’t have a Valentine? Grab a bunch of single friends and try out one of these ideas too! What a great opportunity to celebrate friendship and do something nice for each other.

Food Trucks / Street Side Diners

Swap candle light for moon light and warm summer breezes as you pick up some incredibly inexpensive, yet innovative food. Afterwards, you and your Valentine can walk off your meal at your leisure.

Visit Your Local Lookout

Nothing beats staring at city lights with your Valentine. Too often we never take the time to stop and take in the sights. Pack a picnic basket and blanket and spread out under the stars. Make sure you include a box of chocolates to share for dessert!

Walk along the Beach or Local Waterway

Couple holding heart shaped shellSome people like a meticulously planned out Valentine’s Day, some don’t. A beach walk is somewhere in between. Whether it’s by the ocean, river, lake or creek, you and your Valentine can take a relaxing walk while you take in the peaceful sounds of the water.

Karaoke or Comedy Club Open Mic Night

Karaoke and Comedy Clubs often have open mic nights that offer free entry. If you and your Valentine are in the mood for some giggles, check out their websites to see what free fun is on offer.

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Cook on an Outdoor Barbecue

Pack a BBQ dinner and take your Valentine to a picnic spot. You can talk about your day and plans for the future whilst cooking your meal to perfection.

Board Games and Takeaway

Get in your most comfy jeans (or PJs ) and hang out at home with some cheap takeaway and the good ol’ Scrabble. This is your chance to impress your Valentine with a triple word score!

Article supplied with thanks to our sister station in Brisbane, 96five

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