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100 Pieces Of Wisdom From Our Mothers

Leading into Mothers Day, we asked you for the best bits of wisdom you learnt from your mums. The response was amazing, at times amusing, and very inspiring! Enjoy the collective wisdom of many wonderful mothers...

By Clare BruceFriday 6 May 2016RelationshipsReading Time: 8 minutes

Photo: ‘Grandma’ by Peter Dahlgren, Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Leading into Mothers Day, we asked you for the best bits of wisdom you learnt from your mums. The response was amazing, at times amusing, and very inspiring! Most popular theme? Kindness. Enjoy the collective wisdom of many wonderful mothers…

“My Mother Taught Me…”


To always try my best. At everything. Zuzana Kovacic
To give things a go. Evelyn Peninton
Always believe the best in everyone and everything. Kerrie Tandy
To laugh and lighten up – enjoy life, it’s precious. Pamela Antonios
The best things in life are free. Kathryn Edney


“I have spies everywhere, so if you do anything wrong I will always hear about it.” Narelle Selwood
“Because I’m the mother. That’s why.” Joe Bruce
“Do you want me to knock you into the middle of next week? Wait until your father gets home!” John Bryant


Even if you’re in pain, you don’t need to be a pain. Ally Barnes
Beauty is as beauty does. (No, my brother isn’t Forrest Gump, but my mother was from southern USA.) Linnah Hahn
By watching my mum lead by example, I learnt how to live for others. She was a strong woman who loved deeply and lived for her family and her community. Her legacy will always live on! Amy Stubbs
Not to lie—and to use our manners. Tanya Stanbrook-Fox
Have self respect. Marlene Stanbrook
My mum taught me the patience of Christ. Kristen MacDonald

Choosing Your Words

When I threatened to run away once she said “Don’t forget your toothbrush!” – It taught me to consider my threats carefully and I never forgot it! Philippa Jan
If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Kerrie Tandy
Be careful what you say—words have power. Nic Mitchell
Never lie because it eventually comes back to haunt you. Marlene Stanbrook
If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all! Philippa Jan

Courage & Determination

If you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. Kerrie Tandy
Never give up! (She died in a terrible accident last October, but her perseverance through adversity still is my light today.) Natalie McMahon
“Do it scared”… and on a separate occasion, “Do it out of obedience to God.” Renee Shaw

Decision Making

My mum has always said to trust your gut over certain things. “If it feels right, do it, if it doesn’t, don’t do it!!” Krissy Regner
When in doubt, don’t move until you’re 100 percent sure what you want. Phil Atkins


She taught me to speak proper English. For example the word “learned” versus the non-word “learnt”.

(But if you’re British, “learnt” is fine! ~ Clare?)

Cindy Sewell Martin
She said I need to learn good table manners in case the Queen invites me to tea. That was when I was 5. I used to think that was a possibility… instead I had afternoon tea with the Governor Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair in 1993. He let his kelpie run through his house, so I wasn’t sure about Mum’s advice. Kaz Stuttle
Always leave a place better than it was when you arrived. April Skye Parnwell
If you’re leaving the house, always wear clean undies! Katherine Kleu
Never sit to the table until you have washed and combed your hair. Boys were never to sit at the table without a shirt on. Marlene Stanbrook


To love God first and everything else comes naturally. Jo Pulford L
To love God and never, ever stop loving him.
And the power of prayer.
Giacobbe Serafina
To trust God and make Him the centre of my life. #MyMumsLegacyMyFaith Mel Crane
“Look up (to God) not down (to the problem).” Melanie Crizer
“Always remember, the Lord won’t give you anything you can’t handle.” Katherine Kleu


Growing up as an only child, our mother taught us to cherish our relationships with our siblings because “someday they could become your VERY BEST friends”. My four sisters and I have lived to see that happen. Kimberly Rose McKee
Love your family. Natalie Syken
Charity begins at home. Bernadette Zeeman
Love and serve your family, even when it’s hard. Sara Van Bentum
Nothing comes close to a mothers hug. And, “Mother knows best!” Katherine Kleu


“Cut your coat according to your cloth!!!” And, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Actually, “Everything doesn’t grow on trees!” In fact, she told my brother once that bananas didn’t grow on trees, as he ate so many – but she lost that argument!!! Gaby McEwan
“Save the pennies & the pounds will save themselves!” Taryn Saunders
I was encouraged to work hard, buy a house and marry someone rich! Peter Di Girolamo


Always write a letter to say thank you to people. Kaz Stuttle
There’s always someone worse off than you. (So be grateful for what you have.) Philippa Jan

House & Home

Don’t put a wet towel on wooden furniture. And make your bed. Linnah Hahn
Always leave the house with the dishes done, beds made & floor swept. Julie Stokes


If you are not sure about something, always ask. Helen Jones

In The Kitchen

Don’t leave teatowels on the stove top. Kerryn Jarvis
She’s very practical so I learned to cook from scratch from her, and so much more!! ? Taryn Saunders
My Mum’s such a practical person, and a huge foodie at heart. She taught me “when in doubt, chuck it out.” I’ve never had food poisoning. Thanks Mum! Nicola Reifenstein
Don’t forget the pinch of salt…always a MUST, even when baking cakes or biscuits. Noreen Cummins
To always wash before preparing a meal and to never lick our fingers or utensils before the job is done. Tanya Stanbrook-Fox


She always welcomed people into our home and our house was frequently a ‘kid haven’. She still looks out for quite a few extra ‘kids’ at 83. Philippa Jan
“People who are hurting, hurt others.” Emma Phelps
She’s shown me by example what it is to be a strong woman. No matter what, continue to give unconditional love and forgiveness, and always be thoughtful to other people’s needs. Kim Spencer
She taught me that being polite does not take away our bravery. She insisted that my sisters and I should be always kind to others… and this is something I’m passing on my son. Luana Martinez
My Mum taught me to be helpful to others. Maria Fatima Ilagan-Garcia
To always see the good in people. Jo White
To take people as you find them, not as other people find them. Karen Ross
It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. Kathryn Edney
Let your light shine wherever you are, so those who have no light can reach out towards it and find hope. Kerrie Tandy

Making Mistakes

The only silly mistake you make is the one you don’t learn anything from. Whenever I stuff something up, I hear that in my mind. I learn from it and retrace my actions so I don’t do it again. Jenni Mosely


“Out of every bad thing, goodness comes.” John Rich
If things were going wrong she would say, “there will be something better just around the corner”. Dawn Ferguson
“There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Philippa Jan


One of the best one’s mum taught me was to always follow through with what you say to children. So if you say “don’t do that or we will go home”, be prepared to take them home. When I was a nanny, this came into play when Mr-5-Years-Old wouldn’t get in the bath. So I told him if he didn’t get into the bath “right now”, I would throw him in, clothes and all! After the words left my mouth, I immediately remembered what my mother had told me… Well, he wouldn’t get in the bath—so I carried him up the stairs and threw him in, clothes and all! LOL! The look on his face was priceless! He always wanted to get in the bath after that. In fact, I then had to throw him in every night, because it was apparently more fun. LOL! I stick to that rule with my own children now too, and it is a winner! ❤ Carrie Brewer


A good night’s sleep will fix it. (And it usually still does.) Mardi Healy
“Make sure you’re happy. Make double sure your kids are happy and safe! Don’t sweat the small stuff—what does it matter?” (I love my mummy so much, special woman.) Tracey Wilkinson

Practical Wisdom

“Never miss out on an opportunity.” Sari Wotawa
“It’s good to learn another language, ie, Italian. (It’s a shame mum didn’t take the time to learn English!) Lesson learnt: “Practice what I do, not what I preach!” Peter Di Girolamo
Take opportunities when they come. Sara Van Bentum


“Doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you are, as long as you look good!” And, “The difference between a good and bad haircut: about 2 weeks.” (Our hair grows crazy quick!)  Natalie Walker
Always wear clean underwear in case you are ever in an accident. And stand up straight, don’t slouch. Dawn Ferguson
Stop dragging your feet, stand up straight, maintain a good posture. Kerrie Tandy


“Don’t tell the kids on the bus!” Tim Cummins


Don’t hold grudges. Sara Van Bentum
You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Emma Whale


My mum always said if the queen came for afternoon tea she’d still serve it like she served it to us. It taught me to treat everyone (up and down) the same but respectfully. Jackie Randall
How to treat people with respect, even the unlikeable. She always makes people feel like they matter. Sara Grayndler de Horne
Treat people better than how you would like to be treated. Katherine Kleu


To think for myself. Bronwyn Sandeman
God helps those who help themselves. Julie Stokes

Self Esteem

To be myself—don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to fit in. Good advice, Mum!! Natalie G Wales
To be me…and don’t be afraid to speak up. Annaliese Wyld
She instilled A LOT of confidence. She’d say, “Kim, someday you could eat with the President of the United States.” And one day I did! Kimberly Rose McKee
“Look at the people around you; if they can do it so can you.” And, “Keep yourself nice.” Haha! Sally Pillay

Staying Healthy

Never drink from the carton! Tanya Stanbrook-Fox
“Put your hat on before you go outside in the sun.” More than three quarters of a century ago, Mum was a Sun Smart advocate – long before it became fashionable. Noreen Cummins
Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Narelle Selwood