Is Child Welfare in decline?

Is Child Welfare in decline?

By Katrina RoeFriday 16 Sep 2011Hope Mornings

A new study called For Kids’ Sake has found that the well-being of Australian children and young people is in sharp decline. 

This is evident in a whole range of social indicators that show children are suffering from the rapid social change our society is experiencing. 

Professor Patrick Parkinson is a family law and child protection expert who has chaired the Federal Government’s Family Law council and oversaw major changes to the Child Support Scheme in 2008. 

As the author of the report, he says plunging marriage rates and the breakdown of traditional family life is largely responsible for the change.  

Professor Parkinson points out that all the evidence internationally shows that children do best when brought up by their biological father and mother in a stable marriage relationship. 

While Professor Parkinson has great empathy with all parents, and believes that all families need to be supported, he says we just can’t ignore the facts – that the decline in marriage is hurting our kids.

Listen Now – Katrina Roe talks with Professor Parkinson.

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