The Single Life, Part 6: What To Do with Unrequited Love [Audio] – Hope 103.2

The Single Life, Part 6: What To Do with Unrequited Love [Audio]

By Sheridan VoyseyMonday 19 Oct 2009Open House Interviews

Listen: Sheridan Voysey chats to author and theology teacher Laura Smit

For Part 6 of our series The Single Life, we delve into that heart-wrenching – and almost-universal – experience known as ‘unrequited love’: when you love someone, and the feelings are not returned. Sheridan chats to Laura Smit, Assistant Professor of Theology at Calvin College in the US, and author of a book on the topic, Loves Me, Loves Me Not. She talks about some of the complexities of unrequited love; gives some ideas on how to navigate it; explores how the Hollywood romance narrative has often made things worse for singles; and gives a theological perspective on singleness.

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