The Consequences of a Life of Constant Motion

The Consequences of a Life of Constant Motion

By Hope 103.2Monday 7 Sep 2009

Aussie journalist Brigid Delaney is only 34, yet already she’s held down 144 jobs and lived in 25 houses, in 15 different cities, around the world.

But if you think that’s unusual, think again. Brigid represents a new generation that is defined by its constant motion. Its tendency to constantly move from one relationship, or job or home, to the next. It’s a generation that seems almost unable to put roots down, overwhelmed by an abundance of choice.

Brigid reflects on this phenomenon, and its consequences, in her book This Restless Life. Brigid Delaney talks about her exploration of our hyperculture society into 3 areas – Love, Work and Travel.

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