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Amazing People – Vicki Purnell: Bringing Comfort to Grieving Parents

By Georgia FreeThursday 6 Jun 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

Listen: Vicki Purnell chats to Sam & Duncan about her work bringing comfort to parents who've lost a baby

When Vicki Purnell’s saw her friend’s daughter go through the tragedy of giving birth to a stillborn child, she decided to help.

With a talent and passion for sewing, she made an outfit for the baby to be farewelled with dignity. Through this single act of kindness, Bridie’s Blossoms was born and Vicki has now created more than 500 outfits for stillborn babies. Vicki also uses her skills to bless others, including creating fidget blankets to help those with dementia. Vicki Purnell is an Amazing Person according to the Sam and Duncan criteria of Amazing People! Her work has been recognised as she was named Local Hero for Tasmania in 2019. She spoke to Sam & Duncan about her work and the way in which it is impacting families right across Australia.

If you or someone you know has been affected by miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a newborn, support is available at any time through Sands and the Sands National Support Line on 1300 072 637.

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