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Fatherly Wisdom: 20 Pearls Of ‘Dadvice’

As we approach Father’s Day, we’re celebrating the best pieces of wisdom – and non-wisdom – that our Dads taught us. In the words of The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, it’s called “Dadvice”.

By Clare BruceTuesday 1 Sep 2015ParentingReading Time: 5 minutes

If you follow the personal dictionary of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, those many pearls of wisdom (and non-wisdom) that your Dad taught you, is known as Dadvice”.

To mark Father’s Day at Hope 103.2, we thought we’d celebrate some of the best bits of “Dadvice” shared by our staff and friends.

Wisdom And Guidance For The Road

Fatherly Wisdom: 20 Pearls Of ‘Dadvice’

Dadvice #1 – Completing A Daunting Task

Evan: “When I was stuck on getting started with a school project, my dad told me “The best way to finish something is to begin”. I thought it was simple but profound.”

Dadvice #2 – Getting The Right Perspective

Ally: “My Dad’s favourite saying is, “I complained of having no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”. It’s always given me good perspective on how fortunate I am.”

Dadvice #3 – Answering The Big Questions

Cara: “When I was a child asking difficult questions, my dad would tell me “Sometimes things are meant to remain a mystery”. When I was 9-ish, that satisfied my curiosity much more than it does now! However, I am beginning to find that there is truth in it.”

Dadvice #4 – Wise Warnings

Lisa: “I needed a lot of parenting! So my Dad had lots of advice for me… Here’s a few of my favourites: “Play with the big boys and you’ll get hurt!” | “Listen to wise people but also read things yourself!” | “Don’t drink coffee, it’s addictive.” | “A baby can only cry for so long.” ”

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Dadvice #5 – Staying Calm

Mardi: “My dad has lots of great advice. My favourite though, is this: “Panic slowly”.”

Dadvice #6 – Staying The Path

Lydia: “My favourite piece of my advice from Dad was simple, and although he is no longer around, his words are with me to this day: “Press on”.”

Dadvice #7 – A Word Of Caution

Joe: “My dad used to say, “You’ll play with the bull ‘til it horns you”.

Dadvice #8 – Enjoying The Moment

Kerin: “While holding my hand outside the church waiting to walk down the aisle to get married (I could barely wait to get to my husband-to-be, I was so excited), my Dad said to me, “remember, walk, don’t run”. Well, I walked quickly! But it’s advice that fits in many situations. Savour the moment, don’t rush.”

Fatherly Wisdom: 20 Pearls Of ‘Dadvice’

Dadvice #9 – Motivation For The Race

Roslyn: “My Dad was my athletics coach at times so he so would give me numerous running tips. One that stands out is “imagine at the finish line there is a chocolate paddle pop waiting for you.” Not a bad piece of advice for life.”

Dadvice #10 – When The Journey Gets Tough

Sonja: “I am one of five kids, and I remember long road trips that were essentially tantamount to torture with a flatulent little brother seated on one side and a big sister obsessed with the art of the Chinese burn on the other, and crying babies at the back of the van. After hours driving toward Expo 88, when I would cry “Dad, are we nearly there yet?”, he would calmly respond, “Just relax kids, just relax.” Then he would grab for another cigarette and take a long drag.

My dad – all about relaxation! He still gives the same advice whenever the journey is hard. I guess we are ultimately heading toward a destination, and sometimes just accepting the agony of the road trip with a relaxed resignation is the only option.”

Dadvice #11 – Watching Your Words

Kellie: My dad used to say, “Don’t say anything about a person unless you have something good to say”. Ironically or not, he was fairly quiet man.”

Fatherly Wisdom: 20 Pearls Of ‘Dadvice’

Dadvice #12 – On Growing Old

Tammie: “My dad has told me, “never grow old Tammie, it’s not all its cracked up to be”. I think there’s wisdom in that!”

Dadvice #13 – On Growing Up

Nicola: “I love my Dad’s saying, “Ageing is inevitable, growing up is optional”.”

Dadvice #14 – Saving Your Pennies

Alice: “My Dad grew up pretty in tight economic circumstances, so he often would say to me and my brothers, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. Although it sounds a bit pessimistic, it definitely did train me to be careful about how I use my money. I’ve never been in a sticky financial situation.”

Dadvice #15 – Finding Your Way

Kim: “In the days before GPS, and before I could drive, Dad always said, “Remember the route that someone else drives you on, so that you can direct someone else next time”. I now have excellent navigating skills!”

My dad was also very strict about turning power points off when not in use. To this day, I do it by habit, so that when my hubby puts the kettle on, it doesn’t boil, and it takes him a while to work out why – and then gets annoyed at me!”

Quips, Quirks And Dad Jokes

Fatherly Wisdom: 20 Pearls Of ‘Dadvice’

Dadvice #16 – Keeping Your Brains Intact

Erica: “My dad told me to “not pick my nose because my brain would fall out”. Many years later, I had my own kids, and one day one of my sons sneezed whilst holding a fishing rod on its end, and yes, the end of the fishing rod went straight up his nose. He screamed and blood poured out of his mouth and nose. My dad’s words rang in my head so I, unnecessarily, called an ambulance. I was so embarrassed!”

Dadvice #17 – Deferring To A Higher Authority

Susanne: “I can still hear my dad saying, “Ask your mum”.”

Dadvice #18 – A Healthy Dose Of Scepticism

Samuel: “My dad’s dad used to say, “Son, believe none of what you hear, half of what you see and you might get somewhere close to the truth.””

Dadvice #19 – Nutritional Advice

Cassandra: “Dad told me when I was little to eat my bread crusts, because they would ‘put hairs on my chest.’ Excellent advice for a 5 year-old girl!?”

Sometimes Even Dad Gets It Wrong!

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Dadvice #20 – On Marriage

Roz: “My Dad told me, “Don’t ever get married”. It was terrible advice that I decided to ignore. I’m married to the best man and have two great kids. Glad I didn’t listen to that one!”

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