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Starting school for the first time

By Katrina RoeThursday 30 Jan 2014Hope Mornings

The tissues are coming out this week, as Kindy kids across Sydney start school for the first time.

Starting school for the first time

Child Pyschologist Collett Smart from Family Smart has her youngest child starting kindy this year. She says it’s a time of uncertainty for little kids, where so much is unfamiliar. Even those children who have older siblings at school may be daunted by unfamiliar faces, and by the need to complete tasks without adult assistance for the first time, such as going to the toilet, putting on their jumper and eating their lunch.

So how can we make the transition as easy as possible for everybody?

Collett’s top tips to help children who starting kindy

1. Don’t brush off their feelings, listen and acknowledge them and provide reassurance
2. Remember that adjustment takes time. It may take up to two weeks for the new routine to feel normal
3. Kids pick up on their parents’ anxiety – Try to keep your anxious conversations away from little ears
4. Give your child words to say, “Hi, my name is… and I am from… Do you like minecraft?”
5. Spend the next few days practicing turning jumpers inside out and opening lunch wrappings

Audio: Hear more tips on starting kindy from Collett Smart.

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It’s not just little kids who could be feeling nervous about the start of a new school year. It’s also a momentous change for pre-teens who are moving on to high school for the first time.

With a new school comes a new uniform, a new travel routine and a new timetable... It’s also a time when teenagers are expected to take on a lot more responsibility for their own study and arrangements.

But it’s often friendships that are of most concern to children of this age. Leaving old friends behind and making new ones can be the most daunting part of starting high school.

Audio: Hear child and adolescent psychologist Collett Smart talk about the challenges that pre-teens face starting high school.

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