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Should primary school kids do homework?

By Katrina RoeWednesday 12 Feb 2014Hope Mornings

Most parents and children struggle with the daily or weekly task of completing homework but feel they don’t have a choice.

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Parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson, believes otherwise.

He says homework is often a cause of stress and tension in families and that it takes time away from other, more important activities, such as playing, music, sport and church activities.

But his main objection to homework is that it produces no academic benefit.  Research shows that children who have to do homework are often less motivated to learn than children who don’t.

Every year, Dr Justin Coulson sends a letter to his children’s teachers to explain why they won’t be doing homework until high school.   Callers to Hope Mornings had a mix of opinions, but many agreed with Dr Justin Coulson that homework placed an unnecessary burden on parents and teachers and students.


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