Keep your kids safe these school holidays

Keep your kids safe these school holidays

By Katrina RoeTuesday 7 Jan 2014Hope Mornings

Keep your kids safe these school holidays

Anyone who takes care of children knows how quickly it can happen. One minute the child is playing happily, the next minute they have fallen over, ran into a pole or fallen off the swing. The school holidays in particular seems to be a time when accidents happen.

Whether it’s something as everyday as the risk of choking on their dinner or as frightening as a severe burn, would you know what to do in the crucial moment?

Sarah Hunstead is an emergency paediatric nurse, mother to two young children and the author of ‘A Life. A finger. A pea up a nose – a practical guide to baby and child first aid.’

Sarah also runs CPR Kids, a company that runs first aid courses for parents and other carers in their own home.

Listen Now: Sarah Hunstead discusses how you can help your children make it through the school holidays in one piece.

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