Parenting with Passion: Kids and TV

Parenting with Passion: Kids and TV

By Katrina RoeFriday 16 Sep 2011Hope Mornings

Do you know what your kids are watching on TV?

Research by Fusion Strategy shows 79,000 boys and 67,000 girls watched the first episode of Underbelly: Razor which featured graphic sex, prostitution, violence and drug taking. 

While this is an extreme example, the programs children watch actually teach them social values and normalise certain behaviours.

So how much should we supervise our children’s TV watching?  How much TV is too much?…And what is a good age to let your kids start watching television? 

Professor Rissel is a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney and he discusses the pros and cons of letting kids watch TV and the importance of setting boundaries.

Listen Now – Katrina Roe talks with Professor Rissel.

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