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Children Allowed to Visit a Friend’s House Under New Freedoms [Headlines]

Under 18s can form a three-person "friend bubble" with people in their local area or with 5km from home. And other top stories.

By Hope NewsroomTuesday 21 Sep 2021NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

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Children will be allowed to visit a friend’s house, under new freedoms approved by crisis cabinet.

Under 18s can form a three-person “friend bubble” with people in their local area or with 5km from home.

Pfizer says its COVID vaccine offers protection to children as young as five.

Thousands of community sports clubs are struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Australian Sports Foundation is warning 9000 clubs across the country are at risk of going under – with a drop in membership income, fundraising and sponsorship.

Contact tracing is underway on the north coast, where an authorised worker who flew from Sydney to Ballina on Saturday has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

A paramedic who’s challenging the mandatory vaccination of health workers said he has been suspended from work, effective immediately.

Tumit-based John Larter started legal action in the Supreme Court last week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is due to touch down in New York, ahead of a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Top of the agenda will be managing their relationship with France, following the cancelling of a submarine contract.

The latest figures show the vast majority of university graduates are finding work.

It is reported that 88.9 per cent of people who finish an undergraduate degree have a full-time job within three years.

A cold front is moving across New South Wales, seeing some spring snow already falling in Oberon in the Central Tablelands.

China’s version of TikTok will limit children to using the platform for 40 minutes a day.