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Up to 20 Obstetricians Reportedly Resigning From Sydney’s Blacktown Hospital [Headlines]

Up to 20 senior obstetricians have reportedly resigned en masse, claiming understaffing. And other top stories.

By Hope NewsroomThursday 12 Nov 2020NewsReading Time: 1 minute

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Up to 20 senior obstetricians have reportedly resigned en masse from Blacktown hospital in Sydney’s west, claiming understaffing.

The health district says it’s addressing the issues and providing safe care is its priority.

Fragments of COVID-19 have been found in wastewater in Sydney’s north-west, prompting concerns that active cases are circulating in the community.

Traces of the virus were detected in sewage at two pumping stations which service the region.

Thousands of residents in areas including North Kellyville, Rouse Hill and The Ponds are urged to watch out for symptoms and get tested.

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Britain has become the first European country to exceed 50,000 deaths related to coronavirus.

Almost 600 people have died of COVID-19 over the last day.

The number of Americans in hospital with COVID-19 has reached record levels.

More than a million new cases have been confirmed so far this month.

US President Donald Trump has made his first public appearance since last week’s election.

He’s attended a Veterans Day service at the Arlington National Cemetery.

There are fears for the safety of a group of journalists from a Christian radio station who’ve fled Islamist violence in Mozambique.

At least nine journalists and their families are hiding in the woods.

Melbourne researchers could be on the cusp of finding the key to reversing Type One diabetes, after a breakthrough trial of a new arthritis drug.