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Students Told They Won’t Have To Re-Sit HSC Exams After Yesterday’s Bomb Threat [Headlines]

The Education Department says it's working out the fairest way for them to be assessed after about 20 schools were evacuated.

By Hope NewsroomWednesday 28 Oct 2020NewsReading Time: 1 minute

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Students are being assured they won’t have to re-sit HSC exams disrupted yesterday by a hoax threat.

The Education Department says it’s working out the fairest way for them to be assessed after about 20 schools were evacuated.

New South Wales Health is renewing calls for residents in Sydney’s south-west to get tested for coronavirus after fragments of the virus were found in waste water.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she thinks it’s rather “cute” that Queensland is waiting until the eve of the state election to decide whether to open the state’s border with New South Wales.

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The state opposition has asked the Information and Privacy Commission and police to investigate the shredding of documents detailing $252 million in grants allocated to councils prior to last year’s NSW election.

Labor says evidence given by the Premier’s senior advisor shows her office is in breach of record keeping obligations.

The UK is urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take “bold action” on climate change.

Mr Morrison has spoken to his counterpart Boris Johnson overnight.

The pair discussed the rise of China and a free-trade deal between Australia and England.

Four migrants, including two children, have died after their boat capsized while trying to cross the Channel from France to England.

There were 15 others pulled alive from the water.

Many high school graduates are still choosing to study humanities subjects at university, despite fee increases.