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Massive Explosion In Lebanon’s Capital – In The News Wednesday 5 August

By Hope NewsroomWednesday 5 Aug 2020

The Prime Minister says he’s praying for those caught up in a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

At least one Australian is among more than 70 people killed.

Thousands of other people have been injured.

It’s not immediately clear what caused the explosion, but it occurred in an area housing highly-explosive materials.

Another teenager has been charged over a stabbing in Pyrmont last week, that’s left a man critically injured.

The 16 year old arrested in Wiley Park last night is the ninth person charged over the attack.

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A childcare centre in Busby, in Sydney’s south-west, is closed for the day, due to a case of Coronavirus.

A child who attended the Kids Learning Academy on Monday has been diagnosed with the virus.

Greenway Park Public School and Bonnyrigg High are open again, after being closed for deep cleaning yesterday.

A majority of Australian families say the current pandemic is bringing them closer together.

Almost half the parents who responded to the Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll, believe they’re more connected with their children.

The Prime Minister will use a speech on national security to warn the pace of military modernisation in the Indo-Pacific is unprecedented.

Scott Morrison says territorial claims, foreign interference and cyber attacks are major challenges facing the region.

The Christmas Island detention centre will be re-opened, to hold criminals who are due to be deported.

The Australian Border Force says the site will be operational in the coming weeks.

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