JobKeeper Criteria Eased To Provide More Australians With Financial Assistance - In The News Friday 7 August – Hope 103.2

JobKeeper Criteria Eased To Provide More Australians With Financial Assistance – In The News Friday 7 August

By Hope NewsroomFriday 7 Aug 2020

The eligibility criteria for JobKeeper will be eased, to provide more Australians with financial assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

An extra $15,000,000,000 is being added to the scheme, with most of the money going to hard-hit Victoria.

To qualify, businesses will only need to show that their GST turnover has fallen over one quarter, instead of multiple.

The State’s Health Minister says there are enough face masks, if everyone was required to wear one to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The opposition is pushing for masks to be made mandatory.

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New South Wales residents returning from Victoria will now be taken straight to hotel quarantine.

Meanwhile, Queensland will be closed to residents from New South Wales and the ACT from tomorrow.

A third person has been diagnosed with coronavirus as part of a cluster in Newcastle.

A second school in the area is now closed for cleaning.

Riot police have used tear gas to disperse a small crowd of protesters venting their anger at Lebanese authorities after a devastating explosion in Beirut two days ago.

Many residents blame the political elite’s negligence, mismanagement, and corruption for the blast that killed at least 157 people and injured 5,000.

A woman has been charged as part of investigations into the death of a baby in Sydney’s Inner West two years ago.

A post-mortem examination identified the presence of methylamphetamine and amphetamine in the seven week old boy’s system.

An Islamic State recruitment video reportedly is inciting followers to deliberately light bushfires as a new weapon of terror.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it’s a reminder that we need to remain vigilant.

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