God, Man and The Moon: Hope Remembers 50 Years Since the 1969 Lunar Landing – Hope 103.2

God, Man and The Moon:
Hope Remembers 50 Years Since the 1969 Lunar Landing

By Hope 103.2Thursday 18 Jul 2019

To mark 50 years since man first walked on the Moon, we’ve gathered together a collection of interviews and articles about astronauts, space exploration, and faith in outerspace. We hope you enjoy them!

God, Man and the Moon


The Day Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Took Communion on the Moon

Buzz_aldrinIt’s a lesser-known fact that astronaut Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, led the world in thanks while on the moon’s surface – and then took Communion. Read Article

A Terrifying Moment at the ‘Moon Olympics’: Meet Charlie Duke, 10th Man on the Moon

Charles DukeThe 10th person to walk on the moon with Apollo 16 in 1972, was Charlie Duke. He spoke to Hope 103.2 about his incredible experiences. Read Article


“You Can Travel to the Moon and Still be Empty” – Only Jesus Could Give Charlie Duke Peace

Charlie-DukeAstronaut and moon-walker Charlie Duke speaks about his years of restlessness – and how faith in Jesus changed everything. Read Article


A Bible on the Moon, a Torah & Ramadan in Space, and Other Fascinating Faith-Facts

As NASA made great strides into outer space, many astronauts kept things in perspective—knowing the God who created space, was far greater than it all. Read Article


An Encounter with God on the Moon: Astronaut Jim Irwin’s Incredible Lunar Experience

Jim_IrwinAstronaut Jim Irwin, had a spiritual encounter with God while walking on the moon. It was a moment that changed the course of his life. Read Article 

Astronauts and God: The Spiritual Reflections and Experiences of Space Travellers

APOLLO 11 ONBOARD: ASTRONAUT ALDRIN, EDWIN WALKING ON LUNAR SURFACE.John Dickson and Greg Clarke discuss the experiences Astronauts seem to have when they fly into space. Read / Listen

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