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Caritas Calls on Australians to Remember the Desperate Need in Syria, After Turkish Military Invasion

By Clare BruceTuesday 5 Nov 2019

Above: A Syrian mum and her baby boy, displaced by civil war in Syria and supported by Caritas.

As hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians flee Turkey’s military strike in northern Syria, the Catholic aid agency Caritas is calling on Australians to support their work on the ground in the troubled nation.

The ongoing Caritas Middle East Emergency Appeal was ramped up after the Turkish-Russian military operation began on October 9; the latest episode in the Syrian Civil war.

Caritas says the humanitarian impact of the Turkish invasion has been immense, with an estimated 160,000 people fleeing the fighting, and needing emergency food, water, clothing, blankets and medical aid. Through more than 30 of their offices across Syria, Caritas is distributing aid in cities like Raqqa, Al-Hasakah and Tal Tamer.

Syrian boys supported by Caritas

Above: Syrian boys being supported in their education by Caritas after being displaced by civil war.

The charity has been supporting victims of the Syrian conflict since 2012, helping with emergency assistance, housing, counselling, and schooling for children and teens.

Around 11.7 million people are estimated to need humanitarian assistance across the nation as a result of the ongoing effects of the civil war. Those at the greatest risk are children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Around this time last year, around 6.2 million people were internally displaced in their own nation – essentially, homeless.

To support Caritas’ work in Syria, head to their Middle East Emergency Appeal page.

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