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Cute Thai Cartoon Celebrates the International Cave Rescue Mission of the Wild Boars

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 11 Jul 2018

The two-week rescue of the Thai ‘Wild Boars’ Youth Soccer Team, completed successfully overnight, has been celebrated with a gorgeous Thai cartoon, representing the many international experts involved in the mission. 

Animals swimming through a cave tunnel have been used to represent the different experts involved. The now-famous Thai Navy Seals posted the cartoon on their Facebook page yesterday, with a whimsical interpretation of the meanings of each of the animals below.

“White Elephant : The governor Narongsak

Wild Boars : The children and coach

White horse : All heroes who’ve involved in the mission. You are the knight in shining armour riding the white horse to help us!

Seal : of course … Thai navyseal Hooyah!

Hope 103.2 is proudly supported by

Frog : all world-class divers

Lion : rescuers from England

Kangaroo : rescuers from Australia

Panda : rescuers from China

Crane : rescuers from Japan (Sorry for the flood disaster. Thai people wish things will get better soon)

Moose : rescuers from Sweden

Tiger : rescuers from Myanmar

Brown Elephant : rescuers from Loas

Dog : K9 unit (cute!)

Martin : climbers from Libong Thailandddd

์Naga (Dragon) : water pumping team (can I include Drilling team too?)

Eagle : rescuers from USA

Iron man : thank you elon musk

Birds : media

Crow : just some bad comments/ people/ obstacle. No-need to pay much attention.”

thai navy seals

Above: Four Thai Navy Seals celebrate the end of the successful mission to rescue the Wild Boars soccer team. Source: Facebook

The rescue of the Wild Boars has drawn international attention to the Thai Navy  Seals, who fast became heroes as the international media focussed on the rescue mission.

One former Thai Navy Seal, Saman Kunan, who returned to service to help with the rescue, tragically died in his efforts to save the boys after being overcome by a flash flood in the caves.

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