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New Zealand Decides 2017

By Stephen O'DohertyMonday 25 Sep 2017Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Listen: Sky News NZ Bureau Chief James O’Doherty in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

The political future of New Zealand hangs in the balance with coalition discussions set to decide who will form Government.

Initial counting in the 2017 election gives the incumbent National Party the lead in the number of Parliamentary seats, although NZ Labour argues the gap could close with ongoing counting of special votes, which include new electors enrolling on polling day and overseas voters, including more than half a million NZ electors who live in Australia.

The NZ First party of Winston Peters is in the key position of negotiating a coalition agreement to decide Government.

Australia / New Zealand relations are strong and will not seriously be affected by the result of the election.

A change of government to Labour could however be an uncomfortable outcome for the Turnbull Government because of their attitude to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

While the likely outcome of the Coalition negotiations will be a status quo victory for the National Party the real winner could be newly appointed Labour leader Jacinda Adern.

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For the latest Open House spoke with the NZ Bureau Chief for Sky News, James O’Doherty. 

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