The 'Marriage Survey' Series: The Human Stories - Hope 103.2

The ‘Marriage Survey’ Series: The Human Stories

A collection of articles covering the basics about the SSM Postal Vote, interviews on a range of viewpoints, and the Hope Media's official position.

By Clare BruceSunday 5 Nov 2017Open House InterviewsNewsReading Time: 2 minutes

In the final days of the Australian Marriage Survey, we’ve added fresh new interviews and articles, on different perspectives and life experiences. Further down, you can brush up on the basics, check out some ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ positions, and Hope Media’s official stance. Postal votes must be in by Tuesday, November 7.

Human Experiences

Melbourne Pastors’ Peaceful Responses after Churches Graffitied with ‘Vote Yes’ Slogans

Cross and bibleWhen two Melbourne churches were vandalised with graffiti by an angry yes campaigner, the pastors responded with messages of grace, peace and love. See Article / Podcast


“Church is the Place That Shattered My Homophobia”

Daniel ChristianszAfter two Melbourne churches were vandalised with ‘Vote Yes’ graffiti, Daniel Christiansz says it was in these churches that he learnt to love the gay community. See Article / Podcast


Aboriginal Elders Fear a Change to Marriage Will Damage Ancient Kinship Structures

Aboriginal Elder NgardarbMany Aboriginal elders are worried about how same sex marriage could affect their traditional kinship structure, handed down over thousands of years. See Article / Podcast


“Being a ‘Gay-No-Voter’ was Worse Than Coming Out” Say LGBTI Conservatives

Wilson, You Can Vote NoA surprising turn in the marriage debate, has been the emergence of an LGBTI ‘No’ group —and they’ve been bullied as much as straight people for their views. See Article / Podcast


On the ‘No’ Vote

Marriage Debate: Progress is Not Always As It Seems – Michael Jensen

Illustration of people with different voices and opinionsSometimes being out of step with popular culture for good and godly reasons is necessary to be faithful to our calling, argues Michael Jensen. See Article / Podcast


Why History, Society and Religion Regard Marriage as Heterosexual: John Dickson

John DicksonHistorian and theologian, Rev Dr John Dickson, says heterosexual marriage was the standard for centuries in both Biblical and non-Biblical cultures. See Article / Podcast


On The ‘Yes’ Vote

‘Australian Christians for Marriage Equality’: The Christian ‘Yes’ Campaigners

The Very Reverend Doctor Peter CattChristian leaders who want Same Sex Marriage legalised, have launched Australian Christians for Marriage Equality. We chat to Brisbane’s Anglican Reverend Dr Peter Catt. See Article / Podcast


Religious Freedom and Same Sex Marriage? A Matter of Who You Trust, says MP Tim Wilson

Tim WilsonGiven the importance of religious freedom, why won’t the ‘Yes’ campaigners negotiate to ensure it? A frank interview with Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who shares about his own same sex relationship. See Article / Podcast

The Hope Position

Statement by the Board of Hope Media Ltd on the Marriage Reform Debate 

Wedding bands on Bible Hope Media has an official position on Same Sex Marriage and the Australian Marriage Law debate. It is based on the principles in our constitution around marriage, diversity, respect, and Christian broadcasting. Read Statement


The Basics

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey: The Basic Facts

People posting letters in Sydney The upcoming Australian Marriage Law (Same Sex Marriage) Postal Survey, will happen by post between September and November. Here’s what you need to know. See Article