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Trump Victory: What Might it Mean for Australia?

Australia's first concerns if the US election leads to a Trump victory, include impacts on trade, stock markets, and some key politicians eating humble pie.

By Clare BruceWednesday 9 Nov 2016Hope DriveNewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Listen: Ray Kington chats to Channel 9 Political Correspondent Charles Croucher about the impact on Australia of a potential Trump victory

The biggest immediate concern for Australia in the case of a Donald Trump victory in the US Election today, would be the impacts on the stock markets, and international trade.

That, and the fact that Bill Shorten and a few other key politicians might have to eat humble pie.

Those are the predictions of Channel 9’s political correspondent Charles Croucher, who chatted to Hope 103.2 ‘s Ray Kington as the final votes in the US election were being counted.

Trump Victory Would Impact on Exports

Donald Trump speaking in the 2016 election Campaign. Trump victory

“Certainly the bigger impact on Australia would be if Donald Trump is victorious,” Mr Croucher said. “We’ve seen a pretty volatile stock market and the ASX has dropped some points in the last couple of hours as the results are pointing towards a Trump victory.

“There are big concerns over our trade, our export markets. Donald Trump’s made it pretty clear he is a protectionist at heart and wants to focus on American goods. He said that in his speech to the Republican convention and he’s said that a number of other times. That’s where it gets a bit concerning here.

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“The Trans Pacific Partnership now looks like toast, if Donald Trump’s going to tear it up and start this whole process again. That becomes very difficult for our exporters and for the trade minister and Steve Ciobo only new in that job.

“But Barnaby Joyce our agriculture minister has made it clear that America can’t trade with itself.”

Australia’s Military Ties With USA Look Safe

Our military ties are reasonably safe, says Mr Croucher.

“We haven’t heard the same kind of rhetoric from Donald Trump about making people ‘pay for protection’ like some of those NATO nations have – particularly Turkey would be concerned about this.

“Here in Australia he’s made it clear that he likes the relationship, the alliance, with Australia. So the military side of things is pretty reliable. Although while many people say the alliance is stronger than any one person, this may test it!”

There May Be Diplomatic Relations to Repair

Washington DC, USA

As far as relations between our politicans and Donald Trump go, there may be some repairing to do, with a number of leading figures having expressed their dislike of the Republican candidate.

“There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton was the preferred choice of a lot of our politicians and decision makers,” said Mr Croucher.

“In the past we heard (Liberal MP) Josh Frydenberg call Donald Trump a ‘drop-kick’, and we’ve seen (Opposition Leader) Bill Shorten say he was unfit to lead. Well we may now have the scenario where one of them, if not both of them, at some stage in the next four years, are going to have to work with Donald Trump as president.

“There may be a fair bit of ‘humble pie’ going on there. We’re still waiting for some of the votes to come in but that’s the way it’s looking.

“These are the challenges ahead. “