"It's Not All About Medals" - Gentle Reminder From AOC Boss - Hope 103.2

“It’s Not All About Medals” – Gentle Reminder From AOC Boss

Amid negative headlines about Australia's so-called disappointing Olympic results, the AOC boss chats to Hope 103.2 about how she feels our team has done.

By Clare BruceMonday 22 Aug 2016FRESHNewsReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: AOC head Fiona DeJong chats to Sam Robinson about the wins and losses of the Olympic team.

During the Rio Olympics, FRESH presenter Sam Robinson had the chance to chat to Fiona DeJong, head of the Australian Olympic Committee, while she was in Rio.

Amid negative headlines about Australia’s so-called disappointing results, Sam gave Fiona the chance to share how she felt our team had performed. Her response was refreshingly positive.

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