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Aussie Premmie Baby Twins Gain World Fame Via Facebook Video

Aussie premmie twins Kristian and Kristiana born in Melbourne in January have become internet stars, after a video of them holding hands has gone viral.

By Clare BruceThursday 28 Jan 2016NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Aussie premmie baby twins Kristiana and Kristian Rushford have gained world fame before they were even due to enter the world, thanks to an adorable video of them holding hands, posted by their mum on Facebook.

The premature twins, born at Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne on January 4, were only 28 weeks and one day along at birth – that’s almost 3 months early. They were “under a kilo” each in weight.

A video of them being cuddled by their dad Glen skin-on-skin, a practice known as “kangaroo care”, went viral after their mum Anthea Jackson-Rushford posted it to Facebook.

The video has been viewed over 13 million times at the time of writing, and has been featured in the US news site CBS, the UK’s Mirror, and Australia’s health-news site Coach. It shows the babies holding each other’s hands and wriggling, while followup videos show one of the babies holding and sucking its dummy.

‘Kangaroo care’ is a treatment used in neonatal wards that increases the chance of survival for a premmie baby. It improves the baby’s body temperature, heart rate and breathing, promotes breast-feeding, and lowers the risks of things like infection, hypothermia, and low blood sugar.

In her latest Facebook post on Sunday, January 24, Anthea said her “Angels” were 31 weeks old and growing well.

She said she was happy that the story of her babies’ healthy birth and survival had been seen by so many, as she wanted to encourage other mothers facing premmie baby births.

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“I’m sharing photos and videos for the simple reason that it gives hope to all parents out there that even they do just fine,” she wrote, according to The Blaze. “I googled like crazy looking for hope when we told we might be [premature]. I would love to see this kind of positivity as a mum that faces the possibility of a premature baby. To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine!!!”

“A huge thank you for helping us reach these heights of fame,” she wrote. “Would never have travelled across the globe if it weren’t for your shares, love and support! I wanted to get a message across but it did much more than that and gave my babies a beautiful start to their lives ahead…Truly grateful!”

The tiny two, Kristian Ian and Kristiana Micaela, even have their own Facebook pages.