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Photographer’s Stunning First-Ever Wedding Shot – By Accident

A stunning photo of a wedding couple under a blazing Sydney sunset, has brought unexpected fame to accidental wedding photographer Sam Yeldham.

By Clare BruceThursday 1 Oct 2015NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Accidental wedding photographer Sam Yeldham has the internet and God to thank, after a stunning picture of a wedding couple under a blazing sunset sky has brought him unexpected fame.

The Daily Mail reported that Sam, who loves to create time-lapse sequences, was photographing the stormy city skyline over Bradley’s Head on Saturday (September 26).

He saw a wedding couple being photographed by the harbour with the iconic bridge and a brilliant blazing sky in the background.

After snapping some shots, he posted one (below) to his Instagram account on Sunday, and ended up tracking down the happy couple – who were honeymooning in Hawaii – by the power of social media.

The Power Of One Beautiful Moment

A photo posted by Sam Yeldham (@samyeldham) on

“Sometimes you are lucky enough to be there for a moment,” he wrote in the image’s caption.

“My first wedding photograph – taken yesterday during the coming of a #Sydney storm from #bradleyshead at #sunset whilst shooting #timelapse.”

The newlyweds, Chris Galvin and bride Jessica Pearson, told The Daily Mail that they’re planning to meet their newfound photographer friend after their return from honeymoon, and will have the remarkable image printed and framed.

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Accidental Wedding Photographer Thanks The Internet

A photo posted by Sam Yeldham (@samyeldham) on

On Wednesday night Sam posted a followup image (above) thanking those who shared the original picture around on social media.

“Thanks to the internet my #Sydney Wedding snap traveled around the world to reach the very lovely newlyweds on their honeymoon!” the caption read. “Thank you to everyone who shared or commented on the original #sunset photo, and to the happy couple for being totally cool with their wedding being plastered all over the internet.”

It’s clear the photographer is in love with Sydney sunsets and icons; his Instagram account description reads, “Sydney in technicolor. Timelapse. Bright, bold, bridges.”

His images overshadowed the wedding couple’s sunset pictures taken by the official photographer of the day.