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Dress Like Spiderman & Walk For William Tyrrell

Aussies will wear red and blue and gather in their thousands this Saturday, for walks in honour of William Tyrell - the boy abducted in his Spiderman suit.

By Clare BruceWednesday 9 Sep 2015NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

This Saturday, September 12, thousands of Aussies wearing red and blue will gather around the nation, to join walks in honour of four-year-old William Tyrrell.

It will be a year to the day since the missing boy, then aged three, disappeared from his Nana’s house in Kendall on the NSW Mid North Coast.

The “Walk For William” is not a fundraiser but an event designed to raise awareness about child protection, and to encourage anyone with information to come forward.

Dozens of walks will be held simultaneously around Australia and overseas, at 10.30am – marking the time and date that William disappeared.

Over 100 Walks In Australia And Overseas

Walk 4 William banner

Raising awareness: The banner of the original National Walk 4 William event.

The event was the brainchild of Karen Boland, who saw a story on television about William and was inspired to take action. Word has been spread largely via Facebook, with 43,000 members now listed on the national Walk For William group.

There are now over 100 walks happening around Australia, with some overseas in the UK, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Canada and Thailand. Many of the walks have hundreds of participants planning to attend, and crowds of more than 1,000 expected at both the Newcastle and Port Macquarie gatherings.

Participants are encouraged to wear either Spiderman suits, or red and blue clothing, representing William’s favourite superhero. See the National Walk 4 William’s full list of locations for a walk near you.

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Police Believe William Has Been Sighted

Watch: The video by NSW Police and William Tyrrell’s family appealing for information

Despite an extensive police and community campaign being unsuccessful so far, police are still searching for the boy.

According to a Channel Nine report, police say there has been a recent sighting of a boy very likely to have been William, and authorities have dismissed rumours that William’s disappearance was linked to the suppression of his parents’ identity, saying the two are in no way linked. The parents’ identity is being protected for legal reasons.

“If you’re protecting someone that you think is involved…you’re as bad as the person involved.” ~ Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin


Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin told Channel Nine that there were a number of persons of interest, and said “If you’re protecting someone that you think is involved in this, you’re as bad as the person involved in it.”

Anyone with the smallest piece of information is urged to come forward to Crimestoppers, whether by name or anonymously.

On the family’s Where’s William? website, the boy’s mother writes, “I pray he’s safe. I pray he’s being cherished. I pray that someone will say something. It’s too big a secret to keep. Please tell the Police what you know and help bring William home to us.”

A Funny Boy With Hazel Eyes And A “Swagger”

William Tyrell

Cheeky grin: William Tyrrell has a great sense of humour

William – who would now be four years old – is said to be above average height for his age, with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a dark brown freckle on the top-left of his head – about 5cm back from his hairline.

He is described by his family as a charismatic, “very funny little boy” with an “incredible sense of humour”, a “big cheeky grin”, an infectious laugh and a “swagger” in his walk.

“Where’s William? Week” Raising Funds To Help Search

Where's William tea party

Tea party: Where’s William morning & afternoon teas will raise funds for the continued search

In addition to the non-fundraising Walk For William events, a separate organisation is hosting Where’s William? Week, September 12 to 18, in which people are encouraged to buy merchandise, hold morning teas and raise funds to help in the search.

This fundraising week is an initiative of William’s family in partnership with Bravehearts, a charity dedicated to child protection. Funds raised will help support the NSW Police investigation. A handful of walks being held on Saturday are affiliated with this initiative.   

The Where’s William campaign began with billboards placed along the Pacific Highway on the Mid-North Coast.

More Info

  • Any information about William’s case should be given to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.
  • At 1pm on Saturday (September 12) William’s family will thank the Kendall community for helping in the search, with an afternoon tea at Kendall Showground.