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Paw Parents – Which Generation Spends the Most Time and Money?

Research reveals that while there is a notable generational difference when it comes to paw parents, Aussies are pet-obsessed!

By Joni BoydFriday 2 Feb 2024LifestyleReading Time: 2 minutes

For many pet lovers, spending time with our pets has become just as important as being with our family – and the amount of photos we’re taking of our furry friends is proof! But which generation is the most smitten?

New research commissioned by CommBank has revealed that even though Aussie pet owners are divided by generations when it comes to their fur babies, everyone is pet obsessed.

How much are we spending?

Having embraced our pets as fully-fledged members of the family, they deserve their own column in our budgeting spreadsheets! Millennials spend the most on their pets at $357 per month, with Gen X spending $282 and Gen Z spending $257, respectively. Baby Boomers spend the least on their pets, coming in at $173. On average, we’re spending around 10% of our monthly take-home income on our pets.

Millennials (75%) and Gen Z (76%) are more likely than Gen X (65%) and Baby Boomers (55%) to take at least as many photos of their pets as of their family, while Millennials (90%) are also more likely than Baby Boomers (82%) to enjoy spending as much time with their pets as they do with their family.

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Which generation spends the most time and money?

“The research revealed that there was notable generational difference when it does come to paw parents,” says Vanessa Rowe, CBA General Manager Insurance Partnerships. “Millennials are more likely than Baby Boomers to enjoy spending as much time with their pets as they do with their family.”

While the gap is small, the Millennials are ahead!

How many Aussie households have pets?

It’s no surprise that the numbers show how pet-obsessed our nation is. According to national survey Pets in Australia conducted by Animal Medicines Australia, around two thirds of Aussie households have a pet, with women and families with children making up the lion’s share of this percentage.

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“Many pet owners have adopted ‘pet parenting’ behaviours that mimic traditional parent-child relationships,” the report says and explains that many pet owners speak to their pets as though they understand words, are often given ‘human’ names and are allowed to sleep in bed with 47% of pet owners. Many of us are rearranging personal commitments to suit our paw babies, even taking them on holiday with us.

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Why are we so pet-obsessed?

“My boy is part of the family and I do not know what I would do if he was not around. He’s the love of my life!” says one NSW dog owner. “My pets have changed my life in a more positive way because it has made me less selfish, so that I think of someone other than myself,” says a paw parent from QLD.

Among the top reasons for getting a pet are companionship, to rescue or give the animal a home – and as an opportunity to teach children how to be responsible.

It’s little wonder more than 60% of Australian pet owners see their animal as part of the family!

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