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Got Extra Bananas? Hopeland Has Some Recipes For You

If you have too many bananas currently sitting in your fruit bowl or fridge, our Hope Drive listeners have some ideas for you!

By Georgia FreeThursday 21 Jul 2022Hope DriveLifestyleReading Time: 1 minute

Bananas are in surplus right now, with farmers urging consumers to buy and use more of the beloved yellow fruit. So if you have a few in the fruit bowl which are ripening by the second, below are some great banana recipe ideas from Hope Drive listeners!

First, the traditional recipes

Banana Cake. – Saranne

Banoffee Pie. Kaye

Banana bread – all day, every day! – Mark

Banana sandwiches (and pizza) seems to be popular

Banana sandwiches with a sprinkling of sugar. Mick

Banana and Nutella sandwiches are great. – David

Pizza with Nutella and sliced bananas. Adam

Keep it simple

Plain, slightly fried in skin. – Lesley

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Deep fried. Adam

Something for breakfast

Rice bubbles with sliced banana for breakfast. – Carol

Banana on pancakes with maple syrup! Stuart

Smashed on grainy sourdough toast. – Wendy

Smoothies – blend bananas, ice, yoghurt and a dash of honey! Tess

Shallow fried banana fritters served with brown sugar and lemon. Must have chunks of banana in the fritter mix! – Michael

And, finally, dessert

Banana Fritters with custard or ice cream! – Diane

Chocolate Mousse – using bananas, avocado, maple syrup and cocoa! Alison

Frozen bananas – pop them in a blender and you have banana ice cream! – Carolyn

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