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Could Your Cat Be a Model? Fundraising Project Calling all Cats

The fundraising project 'Cats Are Family Sydney' is a coffee table book of the special connections formed between cats and their humans.

Listen: Sydney pet photographer Keefe Tay talks about upcoming project to showcase the mental health benefits of owning a cat

By Laura BennettFriday 12 Mar 2021Hope AfternoonsLifestyleReading Time: 2 minutes

The bond between people and their pets is a special one. During the COVID lockdown many shelters reported a large spike in the number of families wanting to adopt a pet, and numerous people decided the pandemic was the perfect time to welcome a new companion into their lives.

However, there are still many cats and kittens seeking a home, and Furry Munchkins pet photographer Keefe Tay is inviting his fellow cat lovers to help them find their forever family.

Launching the fundraising project Cats Are Family Sydney, Keefe’s creating a coffee table book that will feature double-page spreads of cats in their homes, telling the story of the special connections formed between cats and their humans, while also raising funds and awareness for the Cat Protection Society of NSW.

“I have three cats and they’ve positively impacted my life, and my wife’s life as well,” Keefe told Hope 103.2.

“ I just thought [this book] is something that I could share with the world to get people on board with this cause.

“People understand how dogs are and their contribution to mental health, which is great, but I think when it comes to cats there’s an offering of the same thing where they can really be part of the family and hang out with you and develop a special bond with people.”

Cat owners can register to be featured in the book with Furry Munchkins until March 23, with a limited number of spaces available.

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Keefe and his team have helped raise over $8000 for a number of non-profit animal organisations including Sydney Wildlife, WIRES, and Guide Dogs Australia, through his yearly Santa Pet Photo Shoot events around Sydney.

Listen to Keefe’s full interview with Laura Bennett in the player above.

Laura Bennett with Louie the cat

Source: Supplied / Laura Bennett with Louie

Louie the cat

Things to note: the registration fee will cover a professional pet photography session with Furry Munchkins Pet Photography and a double-spread feature in the Cats are Family Sydney book. The photo shoots will be conducted from March to October 2021 with the book scheduled to be published in May 2022.