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Trusting God In Between Jobs: Author Ken Wassell on Losing Employment and Finding it Again

When Ken Wassell lost his job, he decided to walk the journey with God by his side, and has written what he learnt through the experience in his new book.

By Clare BruceWednesday 19 Dec 2018LifestyleReading Time: 2 minutes

The end of any year is a time of all kinds of transitions, including, for some, the loss of a job.

If that’s you, Ken Wassell’s book Trusting God In Between Jobs might be just the medicine you need .

Ken was working happily in ‘the perfect job’ in a business, an opportunity that God had clearly provided, and yet found himself unexpectedly losing that job, due to financial pressures.

As a man of Christian faith, Ken decided to walk through the experience with God by his side.

He learnt many lessons along the way and saw God’s faithfulness, and has now shared his experience in the form of a new book from Westbow Press, titled Trusting God In Between Jobs.

Trusting God In Between Jobs

Addressing a lot of spiritual principles, Ken covers issues such as self-image and self-worth, what God thinks about us, the power of the words we speak, trusting in God’s word, financial pressure and waiting on God to provide, and a chapter titled ‘Devotions on Storms’.

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Ken takes us deep into those miraculous little moments when God broke through to help him and his family, such as the unexpected envelopes of financial support at just the right time, and the moment when the bank surprised him by giving him a four-month compassionate break from his mortgage repayments.

He also shares the story of an unexpected season he had working as a barista – an unusual role for a man accustomed to working in business – and the moments chuckling to himself when customers asked if he was on an episode of Undercover Boss.

The book covers navigating the emotional rollercoaster of applying for positions – having hopes raised and dashed, and the waiting game – and also includes very practical advice, such as chapters on networking, volunteering, preparing for a new job, and interviews. At the back are pages for journalling, too. It’s the complete package.

Trusting God In Between Jobs is available through most bookstores.