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How to Recycle Your Old Candles Into New Ones

By Hope 103.2 NetworkTuesday 9 Jan 2018

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Burnt a few candles down over Christmas? Got a collection of stumpy ones lying around that you can no longer use? Try this simple solution for recycling and creating a beautiful new candle with your leftover wax.

You’ll need:

  • Old candles
  • New wicks
  • Glue gun
  • Warming Plate
  • Heat-safe candle containers, eg jars

Recycling candlesInstructions:

1. Melt down your excess wax with a warming plate or similar heating device, such as an electric frypan, or a pan on the hotplate with a low-setting.

2. While that’s happening, you can prep your new candles by hot-gluing your fresh wick to the bottom of your container.

3. When your wax is melted, remove the old wick and pour the wax into the new container.

4. Leave the wax to dry. You can pop them in the freezer to speed up the process. (If you’re combining different wax colours from multiple candles into one container, allow each layer to harden before pouring in the next for a rainbow effect.)

5. After the wax has hardened, trim your wick to just above the rim.

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Tip: To prevent your candles from ‘tunnelling’ in future, always burn candles long enough that the top layer completely liquifies.


Video supplied with thanks to What’s Up Moms, the #1 parenting channel on YouTube.

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