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Change is Inevitable; Learn to Embrace it

Although we can't control changing circumstances, we can control our mindset and response to it. Imagine the freedom, peace and joy possible if we chose to embrace change rather than simply tolerate it.

By Supriya SajjaTuesday 1 May 2018LifestyleReading Time: 3 minutes

There’s a universal statement we can make about all people – no matter age, race, gender, talents, wealth: we all experience change.

Part of being a human is constantly undergoing change where we are developing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Change is often rattling. It’s a part of life that we must learn to deal with in a healthy way. What if we stopped dreading change? Dare I go further to ask, what if we embraced it?

We hear people make remarks about their life previous to certain changes. For example, a woman after giving birth usually sulks at the changes in her body. Changes are not always easy. They are not even always something that we bring upon ourselves, which is why it can be so uncomfortable. Think about the last major change in your life. Was it a move to a different city? Possibly a new job? Joining a new gym? No matter how large or small it was, there are emotions that are experienced across the board with these things. Whether it be nervousness or excitement, there’s a surge of emotions we feel. It is difficult to realise the good things change brings because we are caught up in anticipating the fact that we won’t be in control.

“What would embracing change look like? It would bring us from a place of toleration to loving.”

I have had massive changes take place in my life. Some have been self initiated and some not. In both situations, I have always tried to be okay with what life looks like after the fact. I learn to accept the reality of the situation and that things will be different. I was recently challenged to change my thinking of being okay with change and uncertainty to embracing it.

When I think of the word “embrace” I envision giving a hug. Open arms and fully going in. WHOA. I thought I was doing the “right” thing by finding contentment, and I still think that is great. I am also not convinced that we just have to be content. What would embracing change look like? What would it lead to? I am convinced it would be a new meaning to abundant life. It would bring us from a place of toleration to loving. It would give room to raise our expectations and to have bigger mindsets. Mindsets to open avenues of joy and corridors of joy that come from a simple shift in mindset.

The One Thing You Can Control

Think about it this way. Change could be coming whether you want it to or not. Therefore the only thing you can control is your mindset and attitude towards it. What if I told you embracing change would bring more freedom? Despite the uncomfortable emotions and insecurities, you would be more inclined to it. This week I challenge you to ask yourself what it would look like to fully welcome change… and then do that. Beyond experiencing peace, I think joy can come from change, so why not embrace it?

Article supplied with thanks to ACCTV. Supriya Sajja is a young marketing professional who is passionate about people, health and wellness and connection.

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