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A Lifeline of Hope When Life Feels Hopeless

Brian's story is a special reminder for all of us - that when we give through Hope, we're keeping hope alive in Sydney.

By Joni BoydFriday 24 Nov 2023Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

When Brian Rumble received bad news from his doctor, he didn’t know what the future would hold.

His lungs had begun to collapse and his heart wasn’t doing well either. And with COVID looming, he was at high risk of complications. “That scared the pants off me,” he says.

“I had two big heart attacks at that time, and I was in intensive care for three days and then hospital for a week,” the 67 year old explains. “The second one I thought, “Well I’m going to see my maker”. That’s how severe it was.”


During this time, Brian listened to Hope 103.2 at work and whenever he had the chance.

“It’s a lifeline. Not only for me, for thousands of people out there.”

“You just don’t know what happens when you try and work things out,” Brian says tearfully. “But we serve a mighty God. All this time, I always relied on Him every day.”

Brian encourages listeners to be involved with the work of Hope 103.2, to take the opportunity to help others who, like him, find themselves in a difficult situation and need the reminder that God is with them.

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“I can’t describe how I feel about you guys because you were there when I needed you – and I still need you,” he says.

Hope is here today because of the generosity of people like you, whose support keeps Hope on the air, online, and on demand. Let’s keep building a legacy of hope in our city.

“This station is a godsend,” Brian says. “Each time I listen to this station, I feel warmth inside me and I know it’s the spirit of God.”

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May your hope be strengthened as you share hope with your city!

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