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2023: The Ultimate Bucket List

Create your personal '2023: The Ultimate Bucket List' from these suggestions by the Hope 103.2 team and Hopeland!

By Hope 103.2Sunday 22 Jan 2023Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 5 minutes

There is something strangely special about the seconds hand ticking over to a new year which kicks people into gear to want to achieve new goals. And here, at Hope 103.2, we want to help you get the ideas flowing for whatever goals they may be.

Whether you’re a little late choosing goals, you’ve already swept some resolutions under the rug (no judgement here, we have a rug of our own!), or you’ve just realised some random hopes and dreams is what your 2023 needs, we’re building The Ultimate Bucket List for you to choose one or more goals to keep you motivated this year.

This is not about New Year’s Resolutions, we want to encourage Hopeland to continue to build healthy habits, try something new, enjoy adventures and build stronger connections – and, whatever goal/s you choose, they all require you to start now, don’t put it off until tomorrow. You can slowly work towards making them enrich your year.

The Hope 103.2 team has started the list, but we want to hear what you think should be added because your suggestion just might be the goal that another Hopelander picks to focus on throughout 2023!

Ready to choose your 2023 Bucket List from The Ultimate Bucket List?

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Sydney icon for 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List Sydney

Many people have never toured their local area so let’s explore what our great city has to offer – big and small!

  • Go to more live music events.
  • Go back in time and experience retro 35mm celluloid films on the big screen.
  • Experience more live theatre.
  • Go along to more live sporting events.
  • Visit the not-so-secret Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay, and read the story behind it – it’s a beautiful garden with a beautiful story.
  • Find a new place to visit in each of the areas of Sydney: CBD, Inner West, Western Suburbs, Northern Beaches, St George and Sutherland Shire, Macarthur Region, North Shore, Parramatta-Hills District, South Western Suburbs, Gladesville-Ryde-Eastwood, and Outer Western Suburbs, and Eastern Suburbs. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous then you could add Central Coast and Blue Mountains to your goals.

Health icon for 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List Health

After the years we’ve all experienced, good mental health is a high priority for everyone, but there are also physical, economical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual health you may want to work on.

  • Listen to more podcasts or interviews. The Hope Podcast page has podcasts that can help you in your mental, emotional, economical, intellectual and spiritual journey.
  • Join Ally and Brendan from Hope Breakfast as they participate in City2Surf this year. You can walk, jog or run it so you don’t have to train as hard as the Hope Breakfast team.
  • Create mental health check-ins so that warning signs are not overlooked, and small things are dealt with in a timely manner. Listen to Ben from Mornings talk to Ruth, CEO of the Banyans, for more ideas on how to create those check-ins.
  • Find a course/seminar to do, there are often free courses/seminars available through councils/libraries, that will help progress career or study goals.
  • Be intentional about using local business where possible. Find some in the Sydney Local Business Directory.
  • Plant something – favorite flower, herb garden or even a tree and keep it alive for the year… and beyond, which is where many of us find it tricky.
  • Wear sunscreen every day.
  • Eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg: at least two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables.

Faith And Values icon for 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List Faith & Values

Our mission is to impact people with experiences of God’s love, which we endeavour to do through lifting others up in the content choices we share, being a pathway for respectful discussions, providing support like Hope & Prayer and daily devotions. What is your faith, community, environmental, etc. mission this year?

  • Read a devotion a day. Subscribe to the Real Hope devotion emails.
  • Spend 15 minutes (or set any time limit that suits you) a week collecting rubbish from a local park, beach, walking trail, etc.
  • Donate blood regularly, one donation can save three lives! Join the Hopeland Lifeblood Team, together Hopeland donated enough to save over 250 lives last year.
  • Volunteer at a community group, church or not-for-profit organisation. This could be as an ongoing volunteer or for a one-off day, for example a plant a tree day.
  • Take broken items to a Repair Cafe to try and fix rather than immediately replacing items.

Create your personal 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List to stick on your fridge, mirror, office desk or wherever you will see it daily to be a motivating reminder for you!

Adventure icon for 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List Adventure

Definition: an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

  • Go kayaking around the Sydney Harbour at sunrise.
  • Go star gazing with an astrophysicist in the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls Picnic Area.
  • Create a picnic pack (blanket or chairs, travel cutlery, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, swimwear for those hot days at the beach) to take opportunities for a picnic in a park, on a beach etc. anytime you have time and/or need some time in nature.
  • Take up a creative project that is completely outside of your comfort zone! Maybe you’ve never painted before or tried to play a musical instrumental, or surfed. For the indoorsy type, find a buddy to go on a nature walk or hike with. For the outdoorsy type, stay inside and write a story. Think about your personality and choose something that is the opposite of what you normally do to try your hand at.

Connection icon for 2023 The Ultimate Bucket List Connection

Unsurprisingly since the pandemic began, 1 in 4 Australians (more than 6 million) have reportedly experienced loneliness, with social anxiety rising in our youth and, no doubt, aged care residents struggling with separation from family and friends. People are made for relationships so let’s get back to being relational!

  • Get involved in an interest group. For example, if you like reading, join the Hope Book Club Facebook Group and connect with other Hopeland Booklovers.
  • Schedule in time with a friend to go out for coffee, a walk or fun activity, so it’s planned, in the diary and it’s harder to forget. Don’t do the ol’ “let’s catch up soon” with no intention of following through.
  • Write letters of encouragement to people in your life throughout the year. Some ideas of who you could encourage; the leadership of your church, kid’s teachers, work colleagues/managers and friends/family.
  • Print out photos – it’s easier than you think – of your favourite moment with a family member or friend and give it to them as a momento, and to know you think about them.
  • Become a companion, provide socially isolated people with regular contact from a you as a visitor for companionship. This is usually to nursing homes to visit with those who don’t have family to provide the companionship.
  • Compliment someone once a week, make sure the compliment is specific, and focus on characteristics over appearance.

2023 The Ultimate Bucket List

Download The Ultimate Bucket List PDF

We’re here to cheer you on to achieve one or all of the goals you’ve chosen! Just remember, we’re looking at a year(ish)-long marathon, not a sprint. And, be kind to yourself and others!

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24