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The Lost and Found Stories of Hopeland – What’s Your Story?

From wedding rings to wallets, Hopeland share stories of what was once lost is found again and, sometimes, in the most incredible places!

Listen: Hopeland share their remarkable lost and found stories

By Georgia FreeMonday 8 Feb 2021Hope BreakfastInspirational StoriesReading Time: 4 minutes

Losing something valuable is the worst feeling – sometimes you have to deal with guilt, regret and nostalgia long after the item has gone missing. Occasionally, though, the remarkable occurs and long-lost treasures are found again… years, or even decades, later.

So, this morning on Hope Breakfast, we asked you for your lost and found stories. From wedding rings to wallets, you can hear some fantastic ‘finds’ in the player above or keep reading for the Hopeland texts collection of lost and found wonders.

Hopeland’s lost… but found stories

My wife lost her mobile 4WDing 2 hrs south of Perth in the sand dunes. Got a call from local store Vodafone 6 months later. It had been found and handed in. It survived and was still working. A couple of months later Mel dropped it in the toilet! Phone died. – Diego

I decided to try out my new metal detector and pin pointer in the backyard and unearthed my wedding ring I had lost about 20 years before. Had no idea it was in the yard under my feet all that time. – Ian

Many many years ago my mum lost a precious bracelet that I think her mum had given her. She had no idea how she lost it. About 15 years later she was inspecting a property that was for sale. She had never been there before. As she was walking around the overgrown garden, she started poking around. She thought she recognised something in the bushes. It turned out to be her bracelet. She’s sure it’s the same one. She insists she’s never ever been there before. She ended up buying the place! – Adrian

Just found my husband’s keys after 9 months. They were in a pocket in my handbag that I never use. The only other thing in there was a wrapped packet of sultanas that expired in 2017. We’d searched that bag so thoroughly and then the 16 month old unzipped it and there they were. – Simone

My colleague’s son was on a European tour and he was writing a postcard on a bridge. There was a gust of wind and blew the card into the river and he thought that was it. Weeks later my friend received the postcard in the mail. Turns out a local fisherman had found the postcard and stuck stamps on before mailed it the fisherman explained it on the postcard. It’s such a sweet story, almost romantic! – Sumei

One April we were in a little fishing boat in Fiji and I took my wedding ring off to put sunscreen on my 5 year old. An hour later I realised I didn’t have it. We stripped the boat looking for it and we reckoned it must have fallen into the sea, lost forever. That November when it was warm enough to swim in Sydney again my husband was getting their swimmers out and felt the ring in my son’s swimmers pocket. – Jackie

About 30 yrs ago my sister’s car was taken from the car park at a local mall. It was found a day or so later in another area of the carpark. It had been used for a robbery at the local bank! A Gemini getaway car…? Who would choose a Gemini? – Elizabeth

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I lost my work keys. Looked everywhere. Couldn’t find them so was issued a new set. Years later I had given my car to my sister and her husband at the time decided to change the seats. Was tipping the seat upside down to put into a trailer and out fell my work keys! Could no longer use them as the office had moved buildings, but still quite amazing. – Vera  

When my daughter was 2 years old we lost the car keys and assumed she had hidden them so we asked her where she put the keys and she randomly pointed to places around the house playing hide and seek for about 2 hours before we realised she had no idea. Then we found the keys in the fridge. – Trevor

I lost my wedding ring 30 years ago, my husband and I searched high and low. He died 23 years ago and I decided to move to a retirement village, when my bed was moved, in the middle of the dust was my ring. You can imagine how elated I was. – Carol

Husband lost his wedding ring while cleaning a car. Pulled a sink apart trying to find it, then nine months later found in a pair of pants. – Claire

I take it that my wife’s lost keys story don’t qualify? It’s a daily occurrence… – Brad

I lost my phone, but I didn’t know where. But I found 3 months later under a pile of wood outside. I thought it wouldn’t work because there had been rain and 40 days but I charged it and it worked. – Anonymous

My dad left a camera in a bathroom in Victoria while traveling around Australia. It had pictures of their adventures as well as of my twin nephews as little babies. Through the power of Facebook it got returned to them a few months later. – Liz

When I was young I got lost at Rebel Sports I was scared and asked one of the employees over the loud speaker. – John

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To finish off, I love to share all the miraculous stories of the answers to prayer on social media and wherever I can because it’s always fun and uplifting. I encourage you to try it. – Chris