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When Disaster Hits, Volunteer Chaplains Show Up

By Ally BarnesWednesday 15 Jan 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Stephen Robinson about the impact of Chaplains this bushfire season

If you’ve been on Facebook or any of the big news sites this week, you might be thinking the bushfire crisis is almost over — that the fires are all under control. But that’s not the reality.

Not for firefighters who are still fighting intense firestorms in the Snowy Mountains and Southern Highlands. Or for residents of Kangaroo Island who are running out of supplies. Nor for the family of Bill Slade who was struck by a tree while fighting a fire near Omeo.

With rain forecast and cooler conditions providing a timely reprieve, the worst of the threat of the fires has subsided temporarily, but the realisation of the losses is really starting to hit home.

No one can perfectly articulate our gratitude to all the rural firefighters and volunteers, for their bravery and tireless commitment these past few months. And it’s been heart-warming to see Facebook feeds full of stories of generous, everyday Australians offering their homes to displaced families and animals, and donating in whatever way they can.

But, one group of volunteers who are rarely honoured in mainstream media, is the humble Chaplain group. They’re present in the thick of a crisis, breathing in all the smoke, stationed at each of the evacuation centres, sometimes ministering to thousands of people at a time. They sacrifice their holidays to help families and communities begin the process of rebuilding.

Disaster Recovery Chaplains NSW

Listen, above, to as Sam & Duncan speak to Stephen Robinson (Sam’s Dad) about his coordination efforts of the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network this bushfire season.

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