"Strength, Determination, Intelligence, Compassion and Humour" is How General Sir Peter Cosgrove is Described - Hope 103.2

“Strength, Determination, Intelligence, Compassion and Humour” is How General Sir Peter Cosgrove is Described

General Sir Peter Cosgrove discusses his recent memoir, 'You Shouldn't Have Joined', which covers his career in the military and more.

By Graeme BurrillFriday 4 Dec 2020Hope NightsInspirational StoriesReading Time: 1 minute

General Sir Peter Cosgrove was the 26th Governor General of Australia.

He discusses his recent memoir, You Shouldn’t Have Joined, with Hope 103.2 The memoir covers his career in the military, his role as part of the Peace Keeping Force in East Timor and his time as Governor General.

He even discloses what was on the menu at Government House when Prime Ministers came for Breakfast.

General Peter Cosgrove retired from the army in 2005. Four years earlier, he had been Australian of the Year: “In every respect Peter Cosgrove demonstrated that he is a role model. The man at the top displayed those characteristics we value most as Australians – strength, determination, intelligence, compassion and humour.” –awm.gov.au

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