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Hope 103.2 and Scripture Union in the News for ‘Kids to Camp’ Drought Relief

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 4 Feb 2020

Appearing in Tamworth’s The Northern Daily Leader community news this week, it’s great to see the positive effects your support for the Hope 103.2 and Scripture Union Kids to Camp campaign is already having on youths from drought-affected New South Wales. 

Here in Tamworth, we’ve just had Chaffey Watersports Camp with 250 campers and leaders, followed by Outback Adventure Camp at Pindarri near Inverell.

Later this year will bring on local camps in cricket, rugby league, rugby union, creation care, and sewing. Each camp is built around one major activity with a variety of fun events thrown in.

But what makes SU camps life changing is the experience of living in Christian community. It’s a place where people live together in harmony and respect and everyone feels safe and significant.

Howard Barnes, The Northern Daily Leader

Read the full story, Your Church in Action, Kids get a break from tough times.

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