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Amazing People – Yvette Wynne: The Motorcycle Missionary from ‘Holy Rollin Downunder’

Yvette Wynne needed a break from city life. She only had her motorcycle licence less than 5 years before she took on a 20,000km trip around Australia.

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Motorcycle Missionary Yvette

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 2 Apr 2020Amazing People with Sam and DuncanInspirational StoriesReading Time: 1 minute

Yvette is a regular caller into Hope Breakfast’s 6am Trivia sessions, and she’s always fun and encouraging.

After one of the many rounds of trivia she played, Yvette shared with Producer Ally about an exciting trip she undertook with her husband Nick: a 20,000 km bike trip around Australia.

The epic trip was birthed after a significant event in Yvette’s life left her wanting to break from the cocoon of city life. Never could they have imagined the adventures they would encounter as they circumnavigated Australia and dug deep into its heart over three months in 2017.

The story was picked up by ACCTV, and you can now watch Holy Rollin’ – Downunder from March 6, 2020, every Friday at 7pm and 4:30am Sundays, over 12 weeks. The series is also available to buy or rent through Nick and Yvette’s website,

On the Amazing People podcast Yvette shared with Sam and Duncan all about the trip, the planning and the challenges involved, and some of the interesting characters they met on their travels.