The Fate of Elite Racing Horses: There is a Future for Them [Audio] – Hope 103.2

The Fate of Elite Racing Horses: There is a Future for Them [Audio]

By Laura BennettTuesday 5 Nov 2019

Listen: Thoroughbred Aftercare and Re-Training Centre's Scott Brodie shares the fate of racing horses with Laura Bennett

The racing community eagerly watched The Melbourne Cup this afternoon but, while it has always been presented as a glamourous event, have you ever wondered what happens to elite horses once the career they’ve been bred and trained for is over? 

Horseman Scott Brodie has worked with thoroughbreds for over 30 years as a Mounted Police officer, with Racing NSW, and now heads up the Thoroughbred Aftercare and Re-Training Centre.

Located in Mount Hunter, the Centre offers a program that doesn’t just help horses adapt to life after racing but helps veterans recover from PTSD post service.

Laura Bennett asked Scott how the horses help with veterans’ recovery, and what currently happens to racehorses when they retire.

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