Amazing People - Troy Szczurkowski: Runner of The World's Longest, Winter Ultramarathon – Hope 103.2

Amazing People – Troy Szczurkowski: Runner of The World’s Longest, Winter Ultramarathon

By Ally BarnesThursday 21 Nov 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Troy Szczurkowski about Iditarod

Imagine this kind of adventure: 1600 kilometres of mountainous ranges, frozen rivers, dense forest, winds that can cause a complete loss of visibility, long hours of darkness and temperatures below zero. And on top of all that–it’s a race!

I give you…the Iditarod: the world’s longest winter ultra-marathon on bicycle, foot or skis.

The epic event takes up to 30 days, but many competitors don’t complete it. Troy Szczurkowski is a Brisbane bike mechanic, and is the only Australian to have completed the race. Not only that, but he conquered the event at aged 44.

Troy shared with Hope Breakfast’s Sam & Duncan about the mental challenges involved in this event and the wildlife that can cause problems along the race.

Troy Szczurkowski, at the Iditarod

Above: Troy competing in the Iditarod.

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