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Amazing People – Carel Khairo: “Beauty with Purpose” for Special Needs Carers

Carel Khairo is the founder of Beauty with Purpose, an initiative which provides special needs parents with free pampering sessions and photoshoots.

Listen: Carel Khairo talks to Sam and Duncan. Above: Carel Khairo

By Clare BruceWednesday 10 Jul 2019Amazing People with Sam and DuncanInspirational StoriesReading Time: 3 minutes

Carel Khairo is a hair and makeup artist with a difference.  She provides free pampering sessions to carers of special needs children, through her initiative Beauty with Purpose. 

Carel is the mum of a son with Down Syndrome named Oscar. After 10 years working in the beauty industry, one day she was praying about how she could give to her community more. The idea that dropped into her heart was one of pampering of those special-needs mums and carers who don’t normally make time for themselves.

She gives them a free makeover, and a session with a professional photographer to take their photo, including a picture with their child.

“Being a mum with a child with special needs and having two other children, it can get very chaotic,” Carel said in her interview with Hope 103.2’s Sam and Duncan.

“A lot of mums tend to put their needs last, they’re always catering to their children first. I wanted to help celebrate these amazing women and mums and give them time, a whole day. It wasn’t just to pamper the mums but God told me it was really to connect with these women as well, to share their stories, share my story with how I found diagnosis with my son.

“I’m just loving on them and supporting and encouraging them and sometimes that’s all we need to do. That shows the love of Jesus.”

Carel also films the women to share their stories on her Youtube channel. This initiative spreads the word about different disabilities and conditions children can face, and gives encouragement to other parents.

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“It’s creating awareness but also encouraging and giving hope to other mums or individuals or parents who may be facing a diagnosis and they don’t know what to expect,” Carel explained.

“I was 29 when I found out the diagnosis of Oscar, and I’ll be honest – we were looking at the path of not proceeding with the pregnancy, because there was a lot of pressure from doctors telling me not to go ahead. I thank God he moved heaven and earth for that to not happen.”

Carel said her faith in God helps her in the tough times, and helps her to see her son with the eyes of heaven.

“Having my first son Lucas, and then having Oscar, we had to change our lives. I had no clue what it would be like to have a child with a disability. Some days are still really challenging. But what me and my husband have learnt is to love Oscar where he is now, and not to compare him to other children.

“Also, we’re looking at Oscar through God’s eyes not our own. Man might say one thing, but God says, through Him, everything’s possible. So we’re always praying and believing that Oscar will do things exactly like his brother does.”

As a result of her work with Beauty with Purpose, AusMumpreneur nominated Carel for their Making a Difference Award for 2019.

To make enquiries or bookings, head to the Beauty With Purpose Facebook page.