A Light in the Dark, A Lifeline: The Incredible Stories of Hope Listeners – Hope 103.2

A Light in the Dark, A Lifeline: The Incredible Stories of Hope Listeners

By Clare BruceThursday 14 Nov 2019

It’s always astonishing to learn how Hope 103.2 reaches people and encourages them, sometimes in their darkest hour.

Throughout November, we’ve been sharing the amazing stories of some of our listeners and staff, and learning the difference Hope has made in their lives. For some people, Hope has been a friend in their lonely times; for others, it’s literally saved their marriage or their life. We’ve brought all those stories together below, so you can be inspired and encouraged.

The Miracle on the Alarm Clock Radio that Changed Danielle’s Life

Hope listener Danielle
A survivor of a traumatic childhood, Danielle grew up in constant anxiety. But one day, a little miracle occurred that started to shift her perspective.
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“Their Marriage was Restored” – Hope Reached a Couple in Their Darkest Hour

john odonnellWhen former Hope 103.2 staffer John O’Donnell took a call from a married couple one afternoon, he heard a story that would never leave him. Read / Watch

“What I Said, Literally Saved Her Life” – Morning Devotions Presenter Chris Witts Reflects

Middle aged woman sitting in bedroomHope 103.2’s Chris Witts will never forget the day he spoke to a woman on the phone, whose life was literally saved by his daily segment, Morning Devotions.
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How Hope Came to Single Mum Lyn When She Desperately Needed It

Hope listener Lyn “I had a carer the hospital organised, and one day in the car, she said ‘Do you mind if I change the radio to Hope?’ Nine years later, I’m still listening.”
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Paula’s Move From the Philippines Was Tough – But She Found a Friend to Turn To…

Hope listener Paula
Loneliness was making Paula despair – until one day she turned on the radio, and came across Hope 103.2—and things started to change. Read / Watch

“Where The Light Is” – How a Song Broke Through Our Darkness: Dennis & Helen’s Story

Dennis and HelenFor young married couple Dennis and Helen, it was a song on the radio that brought them the hope they needed on one of their darkest days. Read / Watch

“You Helped me Find my Relationship With God Again” – Amanda

Hope listener AmandaWhen Amanda moved from Christchurch to Sydney, she was traumatised by earthquakes, terrified, and felt very alone. Then she discovered Hope 103.2… Read / Watch

“In the Depths of the Darkest Places” – Amy’s Story of Hope

Hope listener AmyHope listener Amy is one of the many beautiful reasons the radio station exists. Her story is one of great sadness—but also great hope. Read / Watch


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