“Yes, Life’s Really Hard… But Listening to Hope Helps me Keep Going” – Hope 103.2

“Yes, Life’s Really Hard… But Listening to Hope Helps me Keep Going”

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 26 Jun 2018

When Roslyn left a difficult and dangerous situation at home, she knew life wouldn’t suddenly become easy.

Stepping into the world of single motherhood brought serious challenges—and she questioned whether she was doing the right thing.

“I found that the situation at home was just getting worse and worse,” she said. “I didn’t feel safe, and home is supposed to be somewhere where you feel safe, and I really struggled with my situation. I [would sometimes] pick up the kids and we would just disappear for a few days and then come back and try again.

“It just got to the point where I just couldn’t keep going. So I struggled with the leaving. Was I doing the right thing? Was I just ignoring God?”

Life for Roslyn as a single mum isn’t simple; but having the friendly voice of Hope 103.2 on the radio is a constant encouragement and companion.

“Now that I have left, yes, life’s really hard. I do everything on my own,” she said. “But to be able to listen to Hope, have the segments speaking into my life, just the little things make life a little bit more happy, a little bit more positive—and remind me that the world isn’t dark just because this area [of my life] is.

“Being able to turn on the radio and listen, and feel that joy, and feel that connectedness, is really important. That helps me keep going.”

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The positive, uplifting music and talk, and faith-based segments unique to Hope, often remind Roslyn that she isn’t alone.

“Hope reminds me of the strength of my relationship [with God], His support,” she said. “Often the day-to-day frustrations can really work away at you. But when I can go home or get in the car and turn on Hope…it just reminds me ‘Hey, God’s still there’.

“That will help lift me out of a downhill slide. Being able to hear something I need to hear at that exact time, it just gives you the lift that you need.”

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