Living like a Martian: A Journalist's Experience in Fake OuterSpace – Hope 103.2

Living like a Martian:
A Journalist’s Experience in Fake OuterSpace

By Sam RobinsonTuesday 12 Jun 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Many of us would love to go to space, but imagine if you got the chance to experience what life is like on Mars, all while staying on Earth?

That’s what happened when the NASA-funded HI-SEAS program popped six humans into a mock Mars habitat on the side of a volcano in Hawaii for one year.

The goal of the program? To see how well humans can live in a confined, hostile environment. Because really, that’s what would happen if we end up on Mars.

This fascinating social experiment was captured on audio recorders spread amongst the crew by journalist Lynn Levy, who then had the task of turning hours of recordings into seven episodes of a podcast, The Habitat.

Lynn joined Sam and Duncan on Hope Breakfast to explain how she got access to the NASA program, and some of the more interesting space facts she learned along the way.

She also shared the frustrating delay of information in a space setting, felt personally when a French crew member waited anxiously for news about loved ones back home during the attack on the Bataclan theatre.

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