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Where God Guides, God Provides

Susie Jennings lives a God centered life she describes as "full of miracles". When tragedy struck, instead of asking God "why me?" Susie gave herself over to unconditional obedience. 

By Anne RinaudoThursday 15 Mar 2018Open House InterviewsInspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Susie jennings in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Susie Jennings lives a God centred life she describes as “full of miracles”. A nurse by training, Susie is the founder and president of Operation Care International.

Her life was rocked by her husband’s suicide. It was a deeply personal tragedy she felt helpless to prevent. Instead of dwelling on questioning “Why me?” Susie gave herself over to unconditional obedience.

When God spoke to her and asked her to go under a highway bridge to the homeless she was afraid but knew God had a reason to call on her.

Her hesitant steps down to that scary underpass led to a community project to give blankets to the homeless.

In turn, that project led to more and Susie’s ministry now serves over 130,000 homeless men, women and children near her home in Dallas, Texas.Thousands of children in nine different countries also benefit from the ministry.

Every December she helps organise an event she calls Jesus’ Birthday party.

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This Christmas meal has around 13,000 guests each year and she hopes to bring the tradition to Australia by 2020.

One deeply moving part of the celebration carries deep biblical meaning. Each of the thousands of homeless guests has their feet washed, just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.

The act of foot washing is symbolic of the sin carried by us all and that in God’s kingdom there is no greater or lesser – we are all the same in his eyes.

The extraordinary sight of the feet of so many of the most disadvantaged in society being washed with loving care has moved many to tears.

Susie’s enthusiasm is infections and she believes everyone has the ability to change the life of someone in need.