"You've Given Me a Reason to Live Again" - Layth's Story [Video] - Hope 103.2

“You’ve Given Me a Reason to Live Again” – Layth’s Story [Video]

Layth phoned in during June Appeal and shared how the encouragement of Hope 103.2 gave him a reason to continue living. Warning: You'll need tissues.

By Clare BruceThursday 29 Jun 2017Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 1 minute

We’ve been so moved by Layth’s story. He phoned in during our June Appeal and shared how he was suffering depression and contemplating ending his life—then he came across words of life and encouragement on Hope 103.2.

We are so thankful to hear stories like this. Watch the video below to see his full story.

And if you are struggling with dark times like Layth has been through, we encourage you to contact Lifeline on 131114.