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The Creative Internet Couple Smuggling Hope into Our Hearts

By Caitlin OggWednesday 15 Feb 2017

Above: Media creatives, Kristi and Brad Montague, of Montague Workshop. Image: Youtube

When you’re looking for ways to bring hope to the world, the last thing you’re probably considering is sneaking over 500 children’s drawings into a New York City museum.

But that’s exactly what one American couple did—and it worked.

Their names are Brad and Kristi Montague from Tennessee, and they’re the creators of Montague Workshop which, in their own words, is “a magical little creative studio where we make things for kids and former kids”.

The husband-and-wife duo have caught the attention of millions on social media with their short and inspiring videos.

A Story About a Bird

In the first days of 2017, the married couple released a video that took the Facebook world by storm. The short clip, a story about a bird, has been viewed over 2 million times.

The purpose of the clip was to “encourage us all as we start this New Year,” Brad wrote on the Montague Facebook page.

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The response to their first video shocked the Motagues as they expected Montague Workshop to launch at a slow pace.
Husband Brad said in their live video, “We are overwhelmed with hope and gratitude to know we’re not alone in wanting to light up the world with love, hope and joy”.

Watch: The video that launched the Montague’s Fame 

Operation Smuggling Hope

Soon after, the couple began their next project, inviting children to send in artworks capturing what they thought hope looked like.

It wasn’t long before their mailbox flooded with more than 500 submissions of art filled with hope. With a collection of children’s artwork they began their covert operation, ‘Smuggling Hope’.

Their aim was to smuggle the art pieces into the Guggenheim, one of the most renowned art museums in the world, to  share the hope of the young artists with the art world.

Their plan consisted of five simple steps:

  1. Gather art full of hope
  2. Smuggle into museum
  3. Use front entrance (try to look normal)
  4. Make sure all works of art are shown and displayed
  5. Dance

The Successful Operation

Hope filled art in the Guggenheim

Photo: One hope filled artwork in the Guggenheim Museum

In a six minute video the two ‘joyful rebels’ show themselves showcasing every single piece of art that was sent to them. How?
In their live chat on Facebook, the couple reveal that 350 of the creations were scanned and put onto an IPad for observers to flick through, while the rest of the artworks were either transformed into postcards or taken inside in their original form, where the pair held them up for visitors to see.

The pieces were snuck inside in bags, tubes and even under clothing, to make sure that the young artists were able to say their work had been shown at the Guggenheim, alongside famous artists such as Jackson Pollock.

Future Operations

hope filled kids

Photo: Some of the children who contributed to the collection

The modest couple have only just begun inspiring the world and hope to continue doing so on a weekly basis. Their aim is to “Joyfully rebel against the way things are and attempt to create the world as it should be”.

Their desire for 2017 is to be continually making “Media, experience and more that are full of wisdom, wonder and whimsy”.

According to Brad, “Many things in this world are contagious-fear, anger, cynicism-but hope, joy and love are the best kind of contagious”.

Watch the Video

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the film that brought a smile to all our faces here at Hope 103.2, watch below and let the contagiousness of Joy, love and hope take over.



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