Hope was There in my Dark Time: Pamela Duncan, wife of Ken Duncan, Shares her Testimony – Hope 103.2

Hope was There in my Dark Time:
Pamela Duncan, wife of Ken Duncan, Shares her Testimony

By Clare BruceFriday 10 Nov 2017

After a journey through breast cancer, Pamela Duncan chatted to Hope 103.2 about how the radio station helped her to remain hopeful in her darkest times.

“I’ve had a lot of instances in my life where life has not gone according to plan,” she said. “I guess the most recent was three and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was a bit of a trial.

“Through the whole operations and recovery period during and after the breast cancer, Hope was there for me as that constant message of God’s love, God’s comfort, and His reassurance that He’ll never leave me and never forsake me.”

Pam and her renowned husband Ken Duncan, the landscape photographer, are long-time supporters and fans of Hope 103.2. They both believe that giving to Hope is an investment into many good things God is doing through the station’s on-air and off-air ministry.

“We’re called to be good stewards of all the resources God’s given us, and we honestly believe that supporting Hope is sowing seed into good ground,” Pam said. “We feel that it’s essential that the good news that people hear on Hope continues to be spread.

“There’s such a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety in our world today. And people need to know that there is a God Who loves them unconditionally…and that there’s help available to them.

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“They need to know where to find that hope, and those are the things that Hope 103.2 communicates so well.”

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